Q: Are group walks right for my dog?

A: For your dog to be grouped with another dog they must be well socialized and in good health. Initially, all dogs are walked one-on-one. After the dog walker becomes familiar with the temperament, behaviour, and energy level of your dog, she will be grouped with another compatible dog. Female dogs who are not spayed may be able to join a group when they are not in heat. Dogs who are aggressive, fearful, reactive, bully other dogs, and/or excessively pull on the leash may only be suitable for solo walks. 

Q: What are the benefits of puppy breaks?

A: Puppy breaks are focused on routine and training to help reinforce good house training.  They are a good lead-up to group walks or solo walks and they also work well together with puppy classes. After a quick puppy break outside, there is playtime and polite leash behaviour training. Older puppies can be taken for a short walk to explore your neighbourhood. We help to ensure that your puppy will grow up to be a happy and healthy dog. 

For puppies under 3 months, we recommend a puppy break once every three hours. For puppies over 3 months, we recommend a puppy break once every four hours. This usually means 2 puppy breaks spaced appropriately throughout the day. 

Q: How are walks scheduled?

A: Walks are scheduled within 2 hour time frames. You will be asked to choose a time frame during the day that works best for your dog (subject to availability).

Q: What are your payment policies?

A: Dog walking services can be arranged on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis based on your dogs needs. Payments for weekly services are due by Friday of the same week. Payments for services beyond one week are due in advance. 

We accept credit card, cash, cheque, direct deposit, or e-transfer.  

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: If the dog is not at home or the dog walker is unable to access the home, this will result in a 100% charge of the service rate. Two weeks advance notice is required prior to the cancellation or suspension of services. 

Q: What happens when Manitoba weather gets tough?

A: We take your family dog’s health and safety very seriously. When Manitoba weather gets tough (extreme cold, extreme heat / humidity, heavy snow or rain, thunderstorms, high winds, etc.) walks will be shortened so your dog can have a quick break outside without endangering their health. The remaining time can be spent working with your dog indoors or walk time can be made up on other days based on your dogs needs. If there are specific guidelines that you would like us to follow, we can make sure they are part of your dog’s routine. You will be updated on a daily basis about walk time and the weather conditions that were experienced. 

Q: What happens if my dog gets sick or injured?

A: Pet CPR, First Aid, & Care Certified through St. John Ambulance, we carry a first aid kit as well as extra equipment in case of emergency. If your dog gets sick or injured on a walk, we will administer first aid and then contact you immediately to determine how you would like us to proceed. Sometimes first aid is all that is needed to deal with common accidents, injuries, and illnesses. As a part of our service agreement you will be required to sign a vet care release. This authorizes us to seek veterinarian care for your dog if necessary in the event that you or your emergency contact cannot be contacted. 

Q: What is your approach to training dogs?

A: We believe in using only positive reinforcement training methods with the dogs in our care and teaching only the same to clients. We never use physical corrections or verbally abuse dogs. We use wholesome treats and praise to reward good behaviours and redirect unwanted behaviours towards more productive ones. We never use fear or coercion to intimidate dogs. We use leadership and good example to show dogs what to do and how to do it with reward and encouragement. With clear boundaries that recognize and respect limitations, we set dogs up for success by helping them to learn how easy it is to be rewarded for good behaviour.