Exercise is important and beneficial for your family dog. Most of the time, a fenced in yard is just not enough. After a long day of work, we can make your day better by allowing you to relax with your family dog instead of worrying about whether or not she had enough exercise that day. Have peace of mind that your family dog is happy and healthy with the companionship and exercise provided by a dog walker. 


We provide on-leash walks in your neighbourhood giving your family dog the personalized attention she deserves. We include the provision of fresh water and food when needed as well as the administration of basic medications. We communicate with you during the day so you will always know how your family dog is doing.

After some one-on-one time with a dog walker, dogs will be grouped according to temperament, behaviour, and energy level. Small groups of two dogs ensure your family dog has the personalized attention of a dog walker. 


We provide solo walks for shy, senior, or reactive dogs who need one-on-one time.


We provide puppy breaks to help reinforce good house-training. We cuddle and play as well as practice basic training. Older puppies go for a short walk around your neighbourhood to explore. 

We can drop by to visit your family dog for a short break outside and then some basic training practice.  

How many days a week?
You tell us. Your family dog can be walked 1 to 7 days a week. 

What time during the day?
You tell us the time during the day that works best for your family dog. 

Walks are scheduled based on availability within a 2-hour window to encompass any unexpected delays. 

We offer flexible scheduling on evenings and weekends for our regular clients. There will be an additional fee of $2.50 per walk for evenings and weekends.